La vie

“Pour exprimer la vie, il ne faut pas seulement renoncer à beaucoup de choses, mais avoir le courage de taire ce renoncement.”

— Cesare Pavese

Reunion stories and feelings of loss

Les histoires de retrouvailles avec les parents biologiques ne sont pas seulement des histoires de plus dans le monde de l’adoption. Ces histoires nous révèlent le pur sentiment de perte et l’émotion extrême que traversent ces familles tout à fait incomprises

The adopted ones blog


An adoption reunion story generally creates comments that run the gamut…

  • so happy for you,
  • how sweet,
  • warnings about not liking what you find,
  • the grass isn’t always greener,
  • not all reunions work out.
  • how do your parents feel about you finding your birth parents,
  • don’t forget who your real parents are.

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The Moment I Lost my Bio Family

Les adoptés en général n’ont pas eu d’autre choix que d’être aphasique par le simple fait qu’on nous a littéralement coupé le sifflet!! (le souffle). C’est un sujet à part entière que celui-là. Personnellement, j’ai eu une expérience d’aphasie étant petite et je pense que c’est lié au traumatisme de l’abandon.

Rachels Birth Family Search

In reconnecting with my bio family last May, I had to process a lot of intense realities. One was the idea that at one point–one epic moment in time, when I was literally in physical transition from the hands of my bio family to the arms of my adoptive family, there was a transitional moment where I was utterly and completely alone. A single little baby– without a family, without a home, armed with only the clothes on my back. At this solitary moment, I was an orphan. Somewhat destitute and on my own. This cosmic moment in time is something that all adoptees share. It’s not something I ever dwelled on. And yes–one could actually say that at that transitional moment, I actually had two families, so double the love and all that. Which was also absolutely true. But on the other hand, quite literally at that transfer moment, I was at square one. Alone. Helpless and penniless with…

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