Adoption and Abortion: The Great Conflation

L’un des nombreux obstacles auxquels nous sommes confrontés lorsque nous essayons de changer le récit, est-ce que l’adoption sauve une vie ?

Bleeding Hearts

“You should be thankful you weren’t aborted.”

I’m never quite sure how to respond when people say this to me. Throughout my life I’ve heard this more times than I can count. I’m 47 years old and I still have no idea why anyone would say this out loud. The truth is, my mother never considered abortion. And, neither did I.

These hurtful comments are made even more often, now that I’m giving a counter cultural response to the adoption narrative. Adopted people are at no higher risk of being aborted than non adopted people. This is what society has been programmed to believe; that adoption saves a life! Had a child not been adopted, they surely would’ve died.

Let’s break this down for those that are confused: When every single woman discovers she’s pregnant she has, in most states, a window of time to determine her plan of action…

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